CHC is a group comprising experienced medical practitioners, health care workers and concerned members of the local community served by Causeway Hospital.

In response to the document Transforming Your Care, our aims are to highlight anxieties about the actual and potential downgrading of Causeway Hospital,to lobby for improved staffing ratios and augmented services in order to maintain the full status of an acute hospital in Causeway,and to interrogate the position of Causeway Hospital within the Northern Health Trust.

Causeway Campaign Group

Causeway Campaign Group

Causeway Hospital Campaign (CHC)

Mission Statement:

The CHC is a group of professionals and community residents interested in and concerned with the sustainability and long-term viability of Causeway Hospital.   We are determined to ensure that both citizens and visitors to the area receive skilled, appropriate and timely interventions to meet their health needs.

 To this end we will:

1. Press for the maintaining of acute services at the Causeway Hospital, and especially the retention of:

  • A 24 hour A & E Unit supported by essential specialisms in Medicine, Surgery and Laboratory Services.
  • A Consultant- led Maternity Unit
  • Local In-patient Psychiatric Services

2. Carefully monitor recruitment to posts at the Causeway Hospital and ensure that staffing resources are equitably spread between the hospitals in the Relevant Trusts’ area.

3. Participate in all consultations relating to Health and Social Care.

4. Take any further action necessary to protect the range and quality of work achieved by the Causeway Hospital.

5. Work with Local Council, Health Trust and key partners to ensure the retention of agreed services at Causeway Hospital.

6. Counteract any further perceived threats to the Hospital.

7. Make information available to the general public.


51 thoughts on “About

  1. Rosella Mc Kenna.

    This is a very important that this hospital does not change. Their are a lot of older people who need this hospital near at hand.

  2. Buddy& Joan Hughes

    It is extremely important that we retain OUR HOSPITAL, with at least all the present services it and the excellent staff offer to
    OUR COMMUNITY. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

  3. Hazel Russell

    So true Rosella – my husband being one of them, if Causeway Hospital had not been there – 3 times – he would be DEAD! I support everything to keep hospital open 24 hrs a day!!!!


    Keep up this cause, it is so important for this corner of NI. An area where so many retirees who cant or may not be able to travel to Antrim.

  5. Erna Holden

    Thank you so much for your tenacity and hard work. Having a 24 hour A& E is literally vital…..and each life is precious. I believe that it is obvious that the entire Ballycastle resident community and its many visiting families throughout the year, need to be able to rely on all of the services and the excellence of the Causeway Hospital and its staff.. You have my gratitude and full support.

  6. Shirley MacDonald

    This North Antrim area has a large number of tourists which increases yearly. Also a larger than normal resident population of senior citizens. For them and for the community it is vital to have our A&E service at the Causeway Hospital.
    In any emergency – the quicker the response, the better result for the patient.
    A much longer journey to an alternative hospital with the inevitable time delay in treatment could seriously damage the outcome.
    The CHC has our full support.
    Moore and Shirley MacDonald

  7. Terence and Carol Barnett

    We completely agree with Moore and Shirely McDonald. We would deplore the minister’s decision to bring in an English team and spend possibly thousands of pounds. Surely they would be better looking at their own shambolic health system. Take a look at the Scottish system. I personally would like to publically thank the Doctors and Nurses who saved my wifes life because if she had to go somewhere else she my not have survived. The minister is playing with peoples lives. We in the Coleraine and surrounding areas are being treated as second class citizens. Listen to the Doctors and Nurses.

  8. Barry Hedges

    Beyond my comprehension that anyone in their right mind could doubt the need for a 24hr. A&E (together with the necessary specialist support services) in the triangle area, given the distances to the alternates.
    Given the fact that such a service currently exists , and is usually hectically busy, in relatively new premises , it is beyond belief that anyone should contemplate doing anything other than try to improve it where possible.
    Unfortunately politicians only count beans, except where their own personal indulgence is concerned, where there is no limit.

  9. Veronica Young

    Having spent a lot of time going backwards and forwards to Antrim Area Hospital recently (where incidentally I recieved Superb treatment) I would much rather have been treated nearer home as all the travelling made life difficult for myself and my family. What would have happened if I had been in a life threatening situation and the Causeway Hospital had not been available or was simply a “Cottage Hospital” I support the Save the Causeway Hospital Campaign 100%. Keep up the good work!

  10. Deirdre o Brien

    I support this campaign , without acute services in this area we would certainly have alot of unnecessary deaths, travelling to antrim or Derry is just too far in emergency situations; bad enough in summer time when there is always road works and diversions, never mind bad weather conditions in winter.

  11. Veron Duffy

    our hospital losing its acute services is a truly frightening prospect to me . Not only for the elderly like myself , but also for expectant mothers and those with young children needing urgent specialist care .please save our hospital as it is.

  12. Robert (Bert) Ritchie

    The Coleraine Borough Churches Forum representing most of the Christian churches in the borough fully support and endorse your work. May you be blessed in your efforts. Rev. R.J. Ritchie Chairman

  13. Jacqui Barr

    Well done to all those campaigning in Asda this morning! We need to raise public awareness and give local people a voice.

  14. Angela Mulholland

    I agree fully with everyone that has contributed comments, it is vital that we keep this hospital’s acute services going and serving the local community and its environs. My mother has been admitted within the Causeway Hospital several times during last year as a result of suffering a series of strokes. I have no doubt that having this hopital so close to Portstewart has ensured that we still have her today and looking forward to celebrating her 90th birthday on 16th January 2013..

  15. Moira Steen

    Our grand -daughter had to be admitted to the childrens’ ward and as a family we really appreciated the professionalism and dedication of the staff. What would we do without this facility in the Coleraine area?

  16. irene & George Nicholl

    My husband and I are both in the 75 plus age bracket and we feel it is very necessary to have a hospital nearby. The alternatives are either Altnagelvin or Antrim which are about an hour’s journey away.

  17. Jennifer Steen

    This is an important campaign and needs all the support possible from the Triangle area community.

  18. Jim Hunter and Ray Hunter

    Jim & Ray Hunter

    Is Belfast the only place that exists in the Province? Here in Coleraine we need a comprehensive provision at the Causeway Hospital in medicine, surgery and laboratory services. It is unreasonable for the population of this rural area to have to travel long distances for medical treatment. We want positive answers and are concerned that decisions will be taken without proper recourse to the people of the Noerth Coast. We demand a proper hearing and justice.

  19. Jacqui Barr

    Please keep our hospital open, we need the essential services it provides, centralization is not the answer, essential services need to be kept in the local community they serve.

  20. William Logan

    The reason we need an acute hospital in Coleraine is that the Northern ”Area” Hospital is not in or near the middle of the area but tucked away at the far end of it.Until that is changed we must have a Hospital with acute services in Coleraine.

  21. Joyce Cavalleros

    Many residents will have paid higher rate income tax into the communal Northern Ireland pot before they retired to the North Coast. They should not be penalized into receiving reduced hospital support and service.

  22. Hazel Russell

    Yes Joyce everything is spot on what you said. We have to fight for our hospital at all costs!!!!!

  23. Michael Jones

    !2 hours on a trolley at Antrim A and E is now the norm!? Disgraceful and adds up to a lot of unnecessary suffering.

  24. Chris Eastwood

    I saw that Antrim A&E failed to reached its targets in January and again last week. How can it cope if Causeway patients were added to the numbers to be admitted? A 50 minute drive and a 12 hour wait on a trolley does not bear thinking about!

    We must fight to maintain a well supported acute hospital here in the north.

  25. Christine and Mick Turner

    Over the past few years we, and family members, have been extremely grateful that the Causeway Hospital has been near and open late at night/early in the morning when faced with emergencies. Without quick access to the hospital we may not have had positive outcomes to serious situations.

  26. Milne

    I hear there is a planed leaflet event at Asda Coleraine – when? How can people help?? Do you need help and support??? Can’t see anything on this site??

  27. Mrs Patricia Lyle

    Sam & Pat Lyle

    We need our A & E as over the past couple of years we have needed this service as well as the great service provided by the Causeway Hospital and know we cannot do without it in an emergency. Save our hospital!!!

  28. Jeanette Pritchard

    Coleraine Hospital provides an invaluable service not only to Coleraine but also the whole of the surrounding North West Region. It is therefore completely unreasonable & for many people virtually impossible to have to travel up to an hour or more to either Londonderry or Antrim to receive Hospital Care, especially for 24 hour A&E or the Maternity Unit. Also it would mean that some people may not be able to visit loved ones in Hospital due to Public Transport Time restrictions & costly expense of longer distance travel on Public Transport!

  29. derek sinnamon

    fully support your efforts to sustain services at Causeway–in an era when standards are being questioned as never before in the history of the NHS the public must watch like dogs for any erosion in the delivery of their local services— don’t let go —derek sinnamon ex new hospital campaign group

  30. Susan Spence

    I am a totally concerned member of the public who supports your campaign emphatically . In the last months both my grandsons, who were only months old required hospitalisation, both were treated with the highest professionalism by all staff concerned. We cannot do without our hospital. I trust that your campaign will endeavour to continue successfully.
    Susan Spence

  31. jferderrankin

    It is imperative that the Causeway Hospital not only remain open with the full complement of services, but that staff should be supported and the hospital should be fully staffed. Live depend on it.

  32. David Gibson

    Glad to see this up and running. I was involved in a road traffic accident four weeks ago and spent eight days in Causeway Hospital. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the staff, their hard work and the level of care I experienced. I sincerely hope that Causeway is funded to allow the services I needed to continue over the longer term.

  33. Michael Jones

    An excellent cause and needs all our support. This hospital matter has become a ball to be batted around between the parties at will and the patients affected have been lost sight of.

  34. Sonya O'Brien

    So great to know there are people out there fighting for our hospital and trust. We need our services we cant let this hospital be closed. As a parent of three young children i have spent endless visits in Causeway hospital. When my child is ill the last thing i or any parent wants is to have to drive to another hospital miles away. To our staff and medical teams keep up the excellent and amazing job you do. You are greatly appreciated!
    CHC we need a strong team to stand up for the ordinary citizen its reassuring to know there are people on our side! Mr Poots be realistic this is peoples lives your messing with!

  35. Michael Jones

    These sentiments are spot-on,the last thing we want is a situation where anxious parents and carers are having to drive long distances on often hazardous roads to convey sick and injured dependants to a distant hospital.

  36. Martin Lloyd

    After a recent procedure and stay in this wonderful place I can only echo all the sentiments expressed above. No amount of praise is too much for the staff, from consultants to cleaners, it would be utter folly to close any part of it.

  37. Paul McConaghie

    Members of my family have used both A&E and other wards in the hospital and it has been comforting to know that such a good service is so close in the north coast area. I have found the staff friendly, helpful and eager to get patients back to good health. The causeway is the sort of service that should be invested in instead of suffering cuts!!!!

  38. Anne Parkhill

    I fully support your campaign to keep causeway hospital open it is an necessity for the whole community but especially older people who may find it difficult to travel elsewhere. This area does need a hospital on their doorstep.

  39. Robert Wilson

    I am an elderly citizen and have had several treatments in the Causeway hospital. The skill and attention by all doctors and nurses was excellent. It is a friendly hospital doing excellent work. Elderly citizens are more comfortable in a hospital in their locality! It is easy to get to and easy for visitors. There is much talk about caring for the elderly. Here is a chance to put the talk into practice

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